I-9 & E-Verify Employment Eligibility Verification

Electronic I-9 & E-Verify Solutions for managing U.S. employment eligibility

We offer a post-employment offer solution for automating the completion, signature, storage & tracking of I-9 Forms & E-Verify form processing.

All employers in the United States must ensure their employees meet U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) employment eligibility requirements. This includes completing all Form I-9 requirements to verify the identity and employment authorization of each new employee. ECS’ Form I-9 and E-Verify Services help you manage this process as efficiently as possible and facilitate your compliance with all USCIS requirements.

Identity Verification

Employment Eligibility Verification Services

Electronic I-9

Our advanced, web-based technology fully automates the completion, signature, storage, and tracking of I-9 forms – making a paperless I-9 process possible.

Average Turn-Around Time

1-2 Business Days


ECS provides integrated E-Verify accessibility from either the Electronic Form I-9 or as a standalone service. From initial planning to successful implementation, we assist employers through the E-Verify Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) completion process and provide the necessary training and documentation for E-Verify access.

Electronic Set-Up Fee:

  • $250.00 annual subscription fee to be billed when the client is first registered and again on each successive January 1st, thereafter.
  • Client Implementation Fee: $50.00 per hiring location (one-time fee). Includes unlimited users per location.
  • Manual No-Cost Process setup available for low-volume clients.