Criminal Record Searches

Criminal Record Searches help you make informed hiring decisions and build a team you can trust

A comprehensive employee criminal background check helps you mitigate risk, protecting your business, employees, and reputation. Determining if an applicant has a criminal record is a crucial step in assessing the risk of hiring an individual for your organization. Although having a criminal record is not an automatic disqualifying factor in employment, having that knowledge allows you, as the hiring manager, to have all the necessary information to make an educated hiring decision. By using the results of the criminal background check, you can assess the relevance of the criminal record against the position, level of responsibility, exposure to company assets or customers, and other applicable criteria. Let Employers Choice Screening (ECS) help you tailor our criminal background check services to meet the requirements of the position you are hiring for.

Employers Choice Screening offers various criminal background searches, with tailor-made solutions for your business’s specific needs. With customizable order options, we’re sure that we can provide you with the background check that best suits your needs.

Why Consider Employee Criminal Background Check Services?

Your employees are your representatives to the people you serve. This means you and your customers should be able to trust them to conduct their jobs professionally and with respect. If someone you hire engages in criminal behavior, it can expose you to liability as well as damage your brand. This is why working with a criminal background check company like us can be so important. We present you with information about job candidates’ criminal history so you can make an informed decision about whether a specific individual may present a significant enough risk to your company. This way, you can avoid complications that may arise from an employee’s actions while working for you.