Employers Choice Screening offers a variety of drug testing and occupational health screening solutions that can help you meet your specific drug testing workplace policy requirements, mandated occupational health workplace program requirements, or Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated testing needs. ECS partners with a trusted network of SAMSHA-certified laboratories and mobile health testing providers, nationwide, who understand your compliance requirements and will provide the best testing options that fit your screening needs. Our network includes thousands of certified testing locations throughout the U.S. which include patient service centers, third-party collection sites, and mobile testing partners which are fully integrated with our Screening Software and can be added to any Background Screening Package Option or as an A La Carte Service offering.

Drug Testing Services

Our occupational health solutions include all the testing you need to ensure your workforce is free from drug use. This is important not only to ensure the safety of your employees and customers, but also to comply with any relevant federal and state regulations. This also is an important way to protect your business from risks and liabilities that could result if an employee is found to have been using drugs or alcohol after an accident or other incident. We make sure your employees are clean and prevent any issues that come from substance abuse.

Secure, fast, and compliant drug testing that fits your needs

  • Urine / Hair / Mouth Swab / Rapid ( eCup+ / xCup) / Blood Alcohol Test
    Breath Alcohol Drug Tests
  • DOT and Non-DOT Drug Tests
  • Pre-Employment Tests
  • Random Drug Tests
  • Post-Accident Drug Tests
  • Reasonable Suspicion Drug Tests
  • Mobile Drug Test Programs
Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services

Ensuring your employees are healthy is critical for maintaining high levels of productivity. We provide a wide range of tests as part of our drug and health screening services that enable you to keep track of your team’s wellness. For example, we can test employees’ vision and hearing as well as make sure they are up to date on vaccinations.  

Occupational health services include employee wellness, pre-placement testing, ergonomics, occupational therapy, occupational medicine, and more.

  • DOT and Non-DOT Physical Examinations
  • Audiograms
  • Vision Tests (Snellen, Titmus, Ishihara, and Jaeger)
  • OSHA Respiratory Questionnaire
  • Pulmonary Function Test / Spirometry
  • Respirator Fit Test- Qualitative / Quantitative
  • Lift Tests
  • Chest X-rays (1 & 2 View)
  • Height / Weight / Blood Pressure Review
  • Analyte Specific Reagents (ASR) – Blood Banking Test
  • Kraus Weber Evaluation
  • TB/PPD Testing
  • Vaccines / Titers (MMV / Hepatitis A / Hepatitis B / Hepatitis C / Influenza / Varicella / Covid-19 / Lipid Profile / Mumps / Rubella / MMR
  • Medical Surveillance Tests (Firefighter / Hazmat / Hazwoper)
  • Mobile Respiratory Testing, Surveillance Health Exams, and Audio & Noise Monitoring Services

Why You Should Consider Drug and Health Screenings

There are a number of reasons why employers should invest in drug and occupational health testing. First and foremost, it helps to ensure that you won’t lose productivity as a result of extended illnesses or injuries. It also protects you from risk and liability that you might be exposed to if employees are using drugs or alcohol while on the job. Screenings are a critical component of the hiring process, as they can determine whether a candidate is actually physically capable of performing his or her duties. Another important consideration is compliance with federal and state regulations, which in many cases require employers to perform regular screenings of their employees.

Whatever your reasons for establishing health and drug screening programs, Employers Choice Screening will be there to help you every step of the way. To learn more about everything we have to offer, reach out and speak with one of our representatives today.