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A Better Way To Hire

We deliver a streamlined client and candidate experience

Save time and money by screening your new hires quicker and more efficiently using our mobile-optimized ordering option. The result is a user-friendly screening experience for both our clients and their applicants, faster processing and turnaround times, built-in compliance, and a customer service team you can count on.

An Optimal Solution for both Employers & Their Applicants

A Quick And Easy Way To Hire

ECS offers our clients a secure, robust, and effective web-based solution, allowing you to streamline your hiring process by utilizing our advanced business intelligence tools and finding the best configurable workflow to meet your needs. We make it quick and simple to set up your account and automate your current background screening process through one easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

Our dashboard provides real-time, up-to-date status and results at a glance, mobile-friendly ordering options, and a flexible and customized screening solution for an overall user-friendly employment background check experience for both the employer and your applicants.

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Why Choose Employers Choice Screening

Why Choose Employers Choice Screening

Thousands of employers trust Employers Choice Screening as their preferred Background Screening provider. We deliver smart, customer-focused screening solutions that help increase your hiring efficiency, speed up your time-to-hire, and provide both you and your applicants with a simple, user-friendly experience.

Whether you are a large company with multiple hiring locations or a small business in need of occasional background checks, Employers Choice Screening is here to help you find a screening solution that is customized to meet your hiring needs.

System Features

  • Unlimited user profiles with 24/7 system accessibility
  • Real-time Client order updates, notifications, and status availability
  • Applicant Order Status Portal with document upload capabilities
  • Customized applicant instructions and electronic application forms for automatic compliance updates
  • Comprehensive and customized electronic adverse action procedures and management tools
  • Readily available ad hoc report and filtering options
  • Batch order upload option
  • offline report archiving for secure storage
  • electronic invoice retrieval and management
System Features