A Reference Check can help employers gain valuable insight into your applicant's character and work experience

During the screening and hiring process, employers can conduct both personal and professional reference checks to obtain information about a candidate’s previous work experience, skills, character, general reputation, and personal characteristics, which a standard Employment Verification does not provide.

Our Process

Reference Checks are usually conducted by the employer, recruiter, or hiring manager as part of their background screening process. However, calling professional or personal contacts provided by your applicant can be a time-consuming process. Let our reference verification team help reduce your workload by verifying each listed contact, providing you with detailed information and the perspective you need to make an informed hiring decision as part of your Background Check.

  • customized open-end questions can be created per our client’s specifications
  • a full written transcript of each interview is provided for the employer’s review
  • Our Quick-Verify electronic response process allows for quicker response times from contacted references

Why Are Reference Checks Important?

Job applicants often provide professional references to vouch for their skills or character. Unfortunately, sometimes following up on these references is too much for an organization to conduct on their own time. This is why our reference check services are so important. Our pre-employment reference checks provide peace of mind because we can conduct these interviews and take the burden off your team’s shoulders.

Hiring us to perform employee reference checks means you’ll have a more complete picture of who your applicants are and whether they would be a good fit for the position. This is the best way to ensure you’re making the most informed decisions during the hiring process.

Average Turn-Around Time

2-3 Business Days based on the responsiveness of the contacted source